Not one for tracking down experiences that cause stomach-lurching adrenalin rushes? It might be time to doing something that makes your heart leap.

Devil's Pool


is situated on the very precipice of the mighty Victoria Falls in Zambia, discovered by one very lucky fisherman who was swept over the side. Now it's a tourist attraction where, during the dry season, you can follow a guide across the low running river and jump into this pool the size of a Jacuzzi. They tell me they only lose about one person a year!

Walk around the Macau Tower
Macau Tower is a replica of the Auckland Sky Tower and long before one could walk on the outer platform in Auckland, I found myself harnessed with nothing more sturdy than a seatbelt attached to a rail above me, wearing a fetching orange boiler suit. I walked around the perimeter at 233 metres, stopping to sit and dangle my feet over the edge. It helped that I'd had a couple of wines with lunch first!


White water raft in Bali
The rain was throwing it down causing the Ayung River to run so fast and high stands of bamboo trees fell into it. I paddled as if my life depended on it. When the instructor yelled "Forward" I nearly wrecked my shoulders. We fell, we laughed, we shrieked, pulled each other back in and our group of kiwi girls did New Zealand proud.
Supreme Scream at Knott's Berry Farm
The name of this ride is a misnomer as I was so terrified I was rendered speechless. Sitting harnessed in to my chair as it slowly dragged me up 77.5 metres to where I was sure I could see the curvature of the Earth, we hung there for an agonisingly long time, then suddenly plunged to the ground at 80km/ph.
Walk with lions in Mauritius
Some might be scared, but I was excited about this. We joined the guides from Safari Adventures and taking a long stick each lest we needed to ward off an attack, walked with 18-month old lion cubs through the fields. They rolled in the grass, chewed on branches and climbed trees for the meat that was placed there. (Note: lions can climb trees!)