Do you travel light or heavy?

I always intend to travel light, but inevitably end up travelling heavy!

Cattle or first class?

Cattle on short flights, generally try for business on the long hauls because I'm so tall I find it excruciatingly uncomfortable to travel for 12 hours - plus with my knees jammed up around my neck.


I can't travel without...

A good book and my music.

What type of suitcase do you carry?

Soft Samsonite with loads of zips and pockets for last minute additions hence the heavy travel!

What's always in your hand luggage?

Lip balm and moisturiser and tissues... planes often make me sneeze.

Are you a planner or last-minute packer?

A planner.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

A fabulous long Turkish carpet to lounge about on in front of the fire. Found it for a bargain price in Istanbul when I was there to cover the Anzac Day commemorations. Only problem was we changed planes at Heathrow and they charged me twice what I'd originally paid, in excess baggage - hmmm...

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

Hong Kong.

Most memorable trip? My most recent one to Australia - very special!

What do you do while on a plane?

Chill out and watch movies, read, listen to music, daydream.

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