Organic Explorer New Zealand: Eco-accommodation, conservation tourism, organic wine and food
by Leonie Johnson and Dr Tony Ward, $34.95

I have to confess I'm just a little cynical about the whole eco tourism thing. It often feels like business as usual with a politically correct addition to the name, to justify higher prices.

But, that said, there's no doubt that a lot of travellers want to feel that they're doing their bit to save the planet, travel sustainably and eat only naturally produced food, and they're often happy to pay extra for the privilege.

For those who do want to be eco-travellers this third edition of Organic Explorer provides an excellent guide to greenish activities, methods of transport and places to shop, eat and sleep. And, to judge by the ones I've experienced myself, they're mostly first class operations.

But, unless you're a true believer, I suggest you bypass the idiosyncratic political essays included along with the travel information.


Some of the we-know-best, self-satisfied eco-waffle made me grind my teeth.