Do you travel light or heavy?

Always heavy. Travelling light is for sensible people.

Cattle or first class?

I prefer the term "beef class" - it just sounds better.

I can't travel without ...


A well-stocked medical kit - if I get sick, I still have a job to do and that usually involves eating, so I can't afford to be off my food.

What type of suitcase do you carry?

A big soft Kathmandu case and a smaller bright red hard case, both on wheels. Can you believe we used to carry our suitcases and backpacks?

What's always in your hand luggage?

Noise-cancelling headphones and sleeping pills - I'm a convert of both for long haul flights.

Are you a planner or last-minute packer?

I plan up until the last minute, then I panic and start throwing everything I might need in.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

New-found inspiration and recipes.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

It's always exciting landing anywhere we have yet to be granted a visa to film.

Best packing tip?

Get a coffee, put on some music and enjoy the process, you're going somewhere exciting!

Most memorable trip?

A three-hour internal flight in India where the toilets were flooded and broken before we even took off.

What do you do while on the plane?

Eat, watch a movie and get the "travel giggles" with the director of my show. Flights seem to bring on delirium for both of us.

* Nici Wickes is the presenter of food-travel series World Kitchen (Sundays, 5.30pm, TV3), and Viva's eating out editor.