You can't go near tech or gaming blogs without getting bombarded by virtual reality headset stories. They're oh so tantalising and yet totally frustrating.

I say tantalising because having had a play with the Oculus Rift, I can attest to how mind blowing 3D gaming and head movement tracking is. The frustrating bit is that VR headsets will most likely cost a bomb and will probably be ages away from being available in our part of the world.

The steep entry price of VR gear hasn't escaped Google's attention. They handed out cardboard VR headset plans to attendees at their recent Google IO event.

It may sound bonkers, but dare I say it, Google may actually be on to something.


Crafting your own VR headset using cardboard, a craft knife and several other bits also happens to cost a fraction of what you'd pay for a VR headset. Being a Google gig, you'll also need an Android smartphone running Android Jelly Bean or better.

Do try this at home

Getting started is as simple as downloading templates from Google. You'll also need to buy some other bits including stiff cardboard, lenses, some Velcro and a large rubber band.

As you'll be cutting cardboard you'll also need a decent straight edge and craft knife (which are usually very sharp, so do be careful!).

Once you've got all the bits together, mark out your cardboard using the downloaded plans, cut it and fold it. After the Velcro, lenses and other bits are in, download the Cardboard app onto your phone from Google Play. There's also a VR toolkit if you're interested in crafting your own VR apps.

Once the download is complete, slide the phone into the slot behind the lenses and don your cardboard creation. Welcome to the weird yet wacky world of DIY cardboard VR. Next week I'll discuss crochet knitting a supercomputer and indoor hot air ballooning.