Reaching for an alarm clock or searching the sofa cushions for a remote control could soon be a thing of the past - thanks to our all-powerful smartphones.

A list of the products at risk of becoming obsolete is topped by alarm clocks, but also includes small-screen TVs, sat navs and iPod docks.

Experts said sat navs are under threat as manufacturers build them into most new cars and phone navigation apps become increasingly common.

In the kitchen, small portable TVs are being replaced by tablets that can deliver HD on demand.


Remote controls are also in decline as phone and tablet apps let users control a number of devices from one place.

The rise of smart TVs that use motion sensors to change channels is also contributing to the decline of the remote control.

Flip cameras come in at fourth most endangered, watches at number seven, and Blackberries at number eight, the list by retail site shows.

Kieran Alger, editor of technology magazine T3, added: 'It's a cliche to say that technology moves fast but we're seeing that pace of change quicken.

"At the centre of everything is the smartphone. It's the most important device we all own and it's single-handedly threatening a wide range of other product categories as it adds more weapons to its arsenal."

- Daily Mail