Police are stepping up their presence at University Oval today after a group of about 35 drunk men was evicted yesterday afternoon.

Senior Sergeant Trevor Thomson said the men, all under the age of 25, were evicted from the first test between New Zealand and South Africa between 3pm and 4pm.

The group which had earlier been in good spirits - shouting chants such as Neil is a Wagner - but became rowdier and continued to use obscene language, directed at players, other people and each other, despite families and children being nearby.

It was a case of a core part of the group ''letting the team down'' and what started out as funny soon became tiresome.


The men were also ''difficult to manage'' as they were evicted from the ground.

''There will be a little bit more of a police presence down their today, just to make sure that everybody enjoys the cricket, but they also don't drink to excess,'' Sir Sgt Thomson said.