Anthony Mundine has continued his offensive against Danny Green labelling him "a b***" who didn't want to fight and insisting he was robbed of victory.

In a new interview since the controversial fight at Adelaide Oval, Mundine said he knew he "whipped his arse".

He also revealed he might appeal the shock loss.

"I feel all right man, the adrenaline was pumping last night. I'm content man, I'm content - I know I whipped his arse again," he told Shannon Brenton in the Caravan Conversations podcast.


Green took the fight via majority decision (94-94, 96-94, 98-90), sending thousands of fans into an outrage over the scoring.

Mundine said he gave Green "three rounds max" and slammed the scoring of the fight.

"I whipped his arse for the second time two-nil, two zero...It ruins the credibility of the sport judging like this, officiating like this. It dampens a great sport, man."

Mundine brushed off accusations of being a sore loser.

"I ain't no sore loser [but] emotions were high. I knew I won the fight, he knew I won the fight, deep down in his heart he knew I won that fight. I battered his arse, he was beat up, blood everywhere, probably busted his nose, broke his nose."

The 41-year-old added: "I don't know what more I have to do. I dominated that fight."

When asked if he would contest the result and asked for a recount, Mundine indicated it was possible "to get justice and seek justice".

"I was in control of the fight. I was sticking it to him...Everything he did I did better than him."

Mundine said the fight went perfectly to plan.

"I did what I had to do...My passion got the better of me at times. I didn't think that I was going to back him up, but I was backing him up. Basically, he was being a bitch. I wanted to fight, to engage, and all he wanted to do was to hold."

A cheap shot by Mundine - which saw him smack Green as the referee moved in to break up the pair in the first round - sent the crowd into hysterics early in the piece.

Asked about the first round point deduction, Mundine said he didn't hear what was being said. "The ref didn't say break, didn't say stop. He said something along the lines of something else [but] when he doesn't say [to stop] you have to protect yourself at all times. I was in combat mode. I was ready to kill."

Mundine said he put 13kg on for the fight which he trained six months for. He would now take time to consider his next move, but was open to fighting again if there was a "good offer".

"If an opportunity comes up we will have a look at it."

That included a rematch with Green.

"I'll kick his arse again."