Spectators at McLean Park were allegedly removed from the ground for attempting to start a Mexican wave while waiting for the abandoned ODI to begin.

A spectator at the game made the allegations along with a posted video on the Veitchy on Sport Facebook page.

The second ODI was scheduled to begin at 2pm and wasn't officially abandoned until 6.45pm.

According to the video several fans make claims that fellow spectators were removed for attempts to start a Mexican wave.


"AN ABSOLUTE JOKE! Red badge now removing people for starting Mexican wave. A Mexican wave. 5 hours no rain still no play," wrote Joe Cook on Facebook.

But others suggested the fans had been taking their frustrations at the abandoned match on the security team.


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Evening everyone, I really do need to balance out the experiences we are seeing and hearing out of Napier. Yes, I posted the video of fans being stopped doing the Mexican wave, because it seemed overly excessive, given they had been waiting six hours for cricket and were clearly frustrated. But, I've also received some personal messages from punters who were there on the bank, saying some of the fans took out their frustrations at no cricket, on the security team. Look, it's clear we need to sort these issues in this country, otherwise live sport ceases being fun anymore. Thoughts?
Blackcaps If you were there, what actually did happen?

The Napier City Council chief executive Wayne Jack said he was keen for an independent review to start as soon as possible into why the game couldn't get under way due to a wet outfield.

"We are classing the review as urgent, and will be speaking with New Zealand Cricket first thing [today].

"Together we will agree on the person we want to use and it will be a joint effort."

Three of the last eight ODIs at McLean Park have been abandoned, dating back to December 2013. No significant drainage has been done since the abandonment of the New Zealand-Pakistan game on January 28, 2016.

WATCH: Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney inspect McLean Park to try to work out why the ODI was abandoned

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Posted by Radio Sport NZ
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