Imagine a trick shot involving two flights of stairs, 10 tables and a roll along a bar.

It sounds impossible, right? It would require unerring accuracy, pinpoint precision and a dash of good luck.

But that is what All Stars Bar in Bristol in England have managed, pulling off a trick shot that would put the vast majority of professionals in both golf and pool to shame.

Not only that, but the video, which has gone viral on Facebook, demonstrates an understanding of the two distinct skill sets and sports.


It begins with a put down a flight of stairs, perfectly aimed to knock on a succession of balls. Those feed into more on the same staircase, before a ball flies across the floor.

Next comes a series of precise rolls across pool cues placed strategically between tables.

That allows the trick shot to cover 10 different pool tables inside the bar as pool balls slam into one another and cues to create a Rube Goldberg effect.

A ball is sent flying and into another room, where the trick shot continues, prior to the conclusion.

That sees five further tables covered by the shot before the ball is sent whizzing across to the bar.

The sport switches back from pool to golf as the ball travels swiftly down the bar and into a perfectly placed hole, completing a two-minute long and perfectly crafted shot.

- Daily Mail