Week 8 in the NFL and with Peyton gone and Big Ben limping, we have lost a couple of our weekly locks. In saying that Dak Prescott has the Cowboys humming, the Cardinals and Seahawks seem to be both back on track and the Raiders and the Texans are leading their divisions. Yes football fans, I'm scratching my head too.

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Jaguars ($2.15) at Titans ($1.65) (Live 1:30pm Duke TV 28th/10th)
Marc's pick: Titans 23, Jaguars 17.
Both teams can win this game but Titans are at home. Lock it in Eddie George.

(The London Game) Washington ($2.15) at Cincinnati ($1.65) (Live 2:30am Duke TV 30th/10th)
Marc's pick: Bengals 37, Washington 17. From the score I've indicated it seems I'm picking a whitewash. I think it ends up there but only after Cinci grind the Washington team down.


Chiefs ($1.67) at Colts ($2.10)
Marc's pick: Chiefs 33, Colts 23. Andrew Luck has limped this team to 3 wins and 4 losses. Andy Reid has the Chiefs humming at 4-2. I think with this in mind, the Chiefs role through the Colts at home.

Raiders at Buccaneers
Marc's pick: Buccaneers 23, Raiders 21. The Raiders should win but won't. Raiders at 5-2 still seems weird to me.

Seahawks ($1.65) at Saints ($2.15)
Marc's pick: Seahawks 26, Saints 21. Seahawks do enough on offence to put up 26 points then strangle Brees late in the fourth to win it.

Lions ($2.05) at Texans ($1.70)
Marc's pick: Lions 23, Texans 17.
This game could go either way so be very cautious.

Jets ($1.57) at Browns ($2.30)
Marc's pick: Browns 18, Jets 17.
There I did it. It's the Browns last chance to win this season because the Jets looked average at best again last week.

Patriots ($1.37) at Bills ($2.90) (Live at 6am on Duke TV 31st/10th)
Marc's pick: Patriots 37, Bills 20.

Brady comes back to avenge the teams only loss for the season.

Cardinals ($2.15) at Panthers ($1.65) (Live at 9:30am on Duke TV 31st/10th)
Marc's pick: Panthers 26, Cardinals 13.

Cam Newton reminds last year's Super Bowl losers how to win again. #KeepPoundingIndeed

Chargers ($2.80) at Broncos ($1.40) (Live at 1.30pm on Duke TV 31st/10th)
Marc's pick: Broncos 17, Chargers 13.
How good have the Chargers been of late? Yeah but not good enough to beat the Broncos defence at home.

Packers ($2.30) at Falcons ($1.57)
Marc's pick: Packers 32, Falcons 31.

Close one and the Packers are get the upset. I still can't trust the Falcons or any other team in the NFC South.

Eagles ($2.70) at Cowboys ($1.42)
Marc's pick: Cowboys 43, Eagles 40.

Battle of the Rookie QBs. One however has got the speed wobbles and the other is wearing a Cowboys jumper with the threat of a "Romo" returning to take his role! Finally a game worth watching on prime time television. Cowboys get up at home.

Vikings ($1.40) at Bears ($2.80)
Marc's pick: Vikings 23, Bears 17.
What a horrible game to return to Jay. You sure you don't want to take one more week off? Ahh that's right... there is no one left standing. Good luck against that Vikings defence.