Nico Rosberg is the best in the F1 this year, and it's not hard to see why.

The Mercedes driver has won consistent titles throughout the year, taking home eight wins with a total of 288 points to top the board.

It's been a good season for Mercedes, but Rosberg hinted they could do better.
The 31-year-old took a suggestive jab at his teammate Lewis Hamilton after dominating practice for Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix.

Rosberg said his trailblazing form has come from not wasting time on things outside the F1 - like partying.


"I've really learned to manage my energies and know where not to waste energies in rubbish stuff like reading the news a lot, playing computer games or partying until five in the morning," he said.

"I've made big progress there. I like to take the right approach."

While there was no mention of his teammate Lewis Hamilton - who was criticised for his conduct at a recent pre-race press conference - the "party" jab was clear as crystal.

Hamilton appeared uninterested during the Suzuka press conference earlier this week, taking pictures of himself and other drivers and posting it to his followers on Snapchat.

When asked what he was doing, the cheeky world champion replied: "Just some snaps of us drivers, it's quite funny.

"Hey man, we've been doing this a long, long time and it's the same each time. We've got to keep adding new things to it."

Hamilton's conduct didn't go down well with the British press, who accused him for displaying a blatant "lack of respect" to Japanese fans.

Hamilton is renowned for his luxury lifestyle off the track and it's not the first time an F1 driver has slammed him for his behaviour.

Felipe Massa took aim at Hamilton in June, saying his party lifestyle could prove to be a massive problem for the Englishman.

"It can maybe take some concentration away and on some days it can make him lose points," Massa said.

"He needs to think about his lifestyle. He needs to concentrate, and he needs to put in the first place what is more important for him."

Rosberg is on his way to claiming the ultimate prize this year, but his track record against Hamilton in Tokyo leaves a lot to be desired.

Despite starting from pole position for the past two years, Rosberg has been overtaken by his Mercedes counterpart both times.

"It's time to change that," he said. "Let's wait and see."