Outspoken boxer Anthony Mundine says he's considering a future in politics after calling for a boycott of the Australian national anthem at this weekend's AFL and NRL grand finals.

Mundine told a press conference at Redfern Gym on Friday that he would consider a move into politics in the next few years as an independent or start his own political movement.

The 41-year-old professional boxer and former rugby league player said he was not trying to incite violence or division in calling for a boycott of the anthem, but wanted to educate the Australian public about indigenous recognition.

"I think I will," Mundine said when asked if he intends to launch a political career.


"In order to make change you need powerful people with big ass kahunas to step in and not be persuaded by the system. I don't know. I haven't thought about it. There's good and bad in all people, but I'm just talking about the system and how the system makes the people think. I would like to maybe one day do that."

He said he will not look into politics until after he has fought rival Danny Green in 2017.

Mundine said he would one day like to start his own political party.

"I'm not really educated much on the political parties and this and that, but I'd probably start my own," he said.

"If I did I want to do right for the people. Mainly for indigenous Australia, but all people in general too to have a better life."