Tony Veitch and Eric Young talk bad decisions in the first test and the future of the New Zealand Golf Open.

Veitch: If this was rugby or rugby league, on the back of what happened, Illingworth would have been dropped. Nigel Llong would have been dropped. But they don't. There is no accountability in cricket.

Young: Well there is ultimate accountability, and by that I mean eventual accountability, but as for immediate accountability there isn't because these appointments have to be locked in a long, long way out.

On Lydia Ko and the New Zealand Golf Open:
Veitch: It's a bit sad for me with no television coverage, is it really now just about Lydia Ko and if she goes we have no Open?


Young: Of course we don't, because it's going to be almost impossible to sell to sponsors, impossible to sell to a broadcaster, baring in mind they couldn't do it when she is playing. Ko is the New Zealand Golf Open at this stage.