What do you call something that's half human, half zebra?

Easy, you call it Cam Newton.

The Carolina Panthers player is going with zebra stripes instead of a panther theme on his trip to the Super Bowl.

The Panthers' star quarterback likes to do his own thing. Newton not only leads his team in dabs, sideline cheers and photo shoots, he apparently likes to dress for an occasion - or create one.


The Panthers are winging their way to the West Coast on Sunday, but Newton has already created a stir by showing up to board the team bus in Charlotte, North Carolina, wearing zebra-print jeans.

The black and white striped pants, overlaid with an intricate gold pattern from hip to ankle, had Twitter abuzz in the hours leading up to the Panthers' arrival in San Francisco for next Sunday's Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos.

If you were so inclined to follow the 26-year-old's lead and grab a pair of what can either be described as fashionable threads or some sort of homage to one of the jungle's most majestic creatures (well, maybe majestic is a stretch, but we're following Cam's lead and showing the zebras some love), then you'd better ask your boss for a pay rise.

The Charlotte Observer reported Newton's pants - sorry, his "Barocco Accent Print Jeans" - are available from Versace for the very reasonable price of $US1202.
Or at least they were available, until they sold out.

Yep, that's right. Sold out, which can mean one of three things happened.

One - Versace made only one pair and they will be permanently attached to Newton's bottom half until someone pries them from his cold, dead body.

Two - Newton has started a revolutionary fashion craze that sent people flocking to Versace stores in the thousands in a desperate attempt to own a pair of the pants themselves.

Or three - the quarterback didn't want anyone else to look as cool as him and bought every single pair Versace had in stock and is keeping them for himself.
California, here he comes.

- news.com.au