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Nigeria goalkeeper spared blushes after bizarre 'own goal' is disallowed

This bizarre error by Nigerian goalkeeper Austin Ejide has gone viral on websites around the world after the buildup to their friendly international against Scotland had been tainted by claims of match fixing.

Austin Ejide was spared the ignominy of scoring one of the most comical own goals in international football history last night when referee Lee Probert judged he had been fouled by Scotland's Grant Hanley.

Video clips of the comical error were posted almost immediately on websites, drawing responses which combined bafflement and amusement.


We're not claiming the weird goal was related to the fixing claims, but the timing was pretty unfortunate for all involved.

How not to win a race

Everyone has thought about their chosen celebration upon winning a race or scoring a goal, but for Noah Granigan, his clearly didn't go to plan.

The 18-year-old cyclist from New Jersey was thrilled to win the junior race at the 2014 Tour of Somerville as he raised his arms triumphantly crossing the line.

But his celebration quickly turned sour when he lost control of his bike and then proceeded to painfully slide across the road.

Granigan will now unfortunately be more famous for his fall off his bike, than his success on it.

What happens when pole vaulter's get bored?

Pole vaulting is one of the most dangerous disciplines in track and field (google "Pole Vault Accident" sometime). But, like anything, do it enough and it gets boring.

So these crazy kids have taken it to the extreme: one-legged vaulting, vaulting off of cliffs, catching things while vaulting, and backflip vaulting thingys.

It's all fun and games until someone misses the mat.

Vine of the day:

Harry Styles pulls down Piers Morgan's shorts in a football match. https://t.co/5wsEs1xMi0