From Slovakian pitch invaders fighting to predicting who will punch Steven Adams in the face, Daily Shorts looks at the light-hearted side of sport.

For about ten seconds, this Slovakian football pitch invader felt like the king of the world.

After successfully navigating security and jumping the advertisement hoardings he stripped off his shirt, sprinted to the middle of the field and experienced pure joy.

Then he was knocked out by a fellow pitch invader.

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A Slovak pitch invader is knocked unconscious by a rival pitch invader. Video / YouTube - Pokermaniaxxx

The aftermath of the Slovak Super Liga match between MFK Kosice and Slovan Bratislava turned into a scene reminiscent of Game of Thrones, when each side sent their best Warriors into the middle to do battle.

Unfortunately for MFK Kosice, their side sent the village idiot.

The most incredible part? The puncher escaped back into his stand. Only then did the riot police make an appearance.

This is really going to hurt Slovnaft's branding.

Euroleague basketballers get together for amazing pool dunk

Euroleague basketballers get together for amazing pool dunk. Video / YouTube - Turkish Airlines

This one, orchestrated by the Euroleague for a Turkish Airlines ad, may not be the most complicated one we've ever seen, but it is certainly the most polished. It also incorporates a water jet pack, so it's got that going for it.

And for all you highlight truthers out there, here is the behind-the-scenes footage proving that aside from a little green screening, this was all on the up and up.

Why did Fulham get relegated from the English Premier League?

Because they removed their lucky Michael Jackson statue of course...

Former owner Mohammad al-Fayed, who commissioned the statue, made this ridiculous claim yesterday:

"This statue was a charm and we removed the luck from the club and now we have to pay the price," Fayed said. "When [Khan] asked me to move it I said: 'You must be crazy.' This is such a fantastic statue which the fans are crying out for. But now he has paid the price because the club has been relegated. He called me because he told me he wanted Michael to return. I told him, no way."

Who will punch Steven Adams in the face power rankings

Kiwi Steven Adams is causing quite a stir in the NBA.

US website Grantland yesterday described him as a 'tough, take-no bullshit-from-anyone, send-you-into-a-blinding-rage-with-a-simple-wink kind of player. And he's only a rookie.'

They also believe it's only a matter of time before someone punches him in the face during the NBA Western Conference finals. So they tried to predict who it might be.

Check out the full article here.
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