It was a spectacular spill, but everyone walked away from this crash at a Westport race track.

The man being catapulted through the air is harness racing driver John Dunn, who stunned onlookers when he was able to get up from where he landed.

The three-horse pile-up at the Westport Trotting Club's Friday meeting happened when Glencarrigh, driven by Sam Ottely, fell going into the first bend of the sixth race.

The two following horses - Benio Billie driven by Mr Dunn, and Can He Play driven by Murray Pash - couldn't avoid the fallen horse and got into trouble of their own.


Mr Dunn was flung high in the air out of his sulky, spinning and then landing in the middle of the track on his back.

Despite the extraordinary crash, he was able to stand up straight away.

He was taken to hospital for observation while Benio Billie was rested for the remainder of the day.