Double Olympic gold medallist Danyon Loader was back in the pool yesterday in world record-breaking form.

Loader, now 37, was a member of the North Shore Swimming Club which smashed the club record for the 100 x 25m freestyle relay held by the Swedish club Kristianstad SLS since 1992.

The North Shore team, which included several Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games swimmers, recorded 21m 22.42s for the relay, more than eight minutes faster than the record of 30.00.69m.

The fastest leg was by 19-year-old Ashton Baumann in 10.7s.


The time and a video of the event at the Millennium Institute of Sport will be sent to the Book of Alternative Records in Germany.

North Shore head coach Thomas Ansorg had been confident of breaking the record, but the time exceeded his expectations by several minutes.

- staff reporter