Tall Black Lindsay Tait is keen on a return to the Breakers basketball club to fill their vacancy as a backup guard.

Tait is on the free agent list of the Australian NBL after a year out of the competition, and says he would love to return to the club he played three seasons for earlier in his career. He is presently playing for the Auckland Pirates in the New Zealand NBL.

The club said yesterday Tait was one of a handful they were considering. Josh Bloxham, Jarrod Kenny and Corey Webster, who will soon have served his one-year suspension for a drugs ban, are others in the frame.

They had already spoken to Tait and he is hopeful a deal can be sorted.


"I'd love to stay home and play, it would make things a lot easier," he said. "There's a lot of things that factor into the Australian NBL, there's a salary cap, there's a points system. It's not necessarily always the top talent that's playing.

"I know what they're all about you know, I've got a young family and I guess a lot of those guys have families and they pride themselves as a club and being a family unit.

"I don't know what the full situation is with their points, but I think they need a back-up point guard from the signings that I've seen so far."