Firemen answer the sirens' call

A reader writes: "The other day, driving along K Rd, suddenly fire engines everywhere, sirens screaming, could see them up ahead. We crawled along past the spot. It was Mermaids [the underwater strip place] and a bunch of women were standing in a line on the footpath wearing big fluffy towels and bathrobes, and it seemed like every fire engine in the whole of Auckland was there ... surreal."

Owe for a slice
A company which provided services for Amazon three years ago and claims it has yet to be paid has sent the company an invoice iced on a cake. MusicBrainz sent a cake to Amazon headquarters decorated with icing that reads, "Dear Amazon, Congratulations on 3rd Anniversary of invoice #144!" Whether or not Amazon employees enjoyed the cake, the photo of it has gone viral, and may get the attention of someone with responsibility for the company's accounts payable department. (Source: Mental Floss)
Woodenhead behind the wheel
Dear Mr Mazda Roadster sports car: "I was admiring your courage as you drove around Auckland with the top down on a day punctuated by heavy showers. My admiration turned to puzzlement as your car suddenly swerved into the bike lane, did a couple of wiggles then got back on track. Were you dancing to a catchy song? No, you were reaching for your mobile phone. So here you are driving along with your right hand holding your phone to your ear when it becomes obvious to those following that it must be pretty noisy in a convertible, because you then had to plug your left ear with your left hand. What astounding skill, driving with no hands. Thankfully you had the sense to slow down a bit - you were doing less than 40km/h by the time you finally hung up. Oh, the joys of driving in Auckland."

If you have misplaced your boat, one has been found lying outside Birkenhead KFC. (Can the owner please email Sideswipe.)
If you have misplaced your boat, one has been found lying outside Birkenhead KFC. (Can the owner please email Sideswipe.)

Faith in humankind restored after taxi letdown


Christmas Spirit. We had a great start to our Christmas party at Tree Adventures in Woodhill, and after a review of daring deeds over a beer were waiting on our 6pm taxi van to take us on to dinner. Having booked the taxi van a week before and got email confirmation, with booking numbers, from the "head operator" no less, we thought we had it all covered. Apparently booking doesn't mean you will actually get a taxi van. In fact I was told: "No one wants to come out to Woodhill only to take you to Kumeu." Pathetic. So a big thanks to Noel the mountain biker for the lift into Waimauku and huge thanks to Tim the helicopter builder who took us in the opposite direction from his home and dropped us in Kumeu. Happy Christmas to you both.

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