Cameron writes: "Apparently it is not correct to eat an apple top down (north pole to south pole), but it is correct to eat around the core (around the equator). I wonder, what is the correct apple eating etiquette?"

Chocolate treat at Jenny Craig
A reader writes: "My daughter was approached by a lad selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser. The lad proudly informed them that he had sold five bars at Jenny Craig next door!"

When it's not okay to interrupt TV
Some delightful hypocrisy from the Miss Manners column in the Washington Post: "Dear Miss Manners, We hosted a dinner for a female friend of ours, and after dessert we retired to the family room to watch a one-hour episode of a top-rated programme. Our guest wasn't interested in the show and proceeded to take out her phone and check email, or something. I found this to be very rude. I thanked her for coming and switched off the TV as she departed. Am I crazy, or has folks' behaviour become so phone-obsessed that they find it virtually impossible to break free of the darn thing?"

Marketing goes down the toilet
"Give the poor toilet roll makers a break," declares this reader. "They have to reduce the roll size so that in two months time they can trumpet that you get 25 per cent more when they put it back to the original size. If they didn't reduce it first, our toilet rolls would now be the size of a car tyre! It used to be called deceit but today it's called marketing."


Thanks for nothing, road hog
A reader writes: "To the BMW driver who drove past and squeezed my 72-year-old husband off the road as he cycled along Orakei Rd on Wednesday, June 5, causing him to fall off his bike at speed, thank you for being so concerned that you couldn't even go back and check on him as he lay on the ground. Fortunately he was sufficiently able to get to a doctor unaided. If you are interested, he now has a double wrist fracture and severe bruising over his upper body. Ironically, he had just completed a ride with others from Grey Power's 50s Up cycling group, a regular event that encourages seniors to keep fit and engaged."

Racial Profiling: In 2010 ABC News recreated a bike theft to see what people would do, if anything. Three people try to steal a bike out in the open. First, a white teenager. Then, a black one. Finally, a young blond woman has a go... The reactions were all very different...

In case you wanted to know: How To Say "I Love You" In Other Languages....

Picture this: Tiny people living in a world of giant food (Portion Control, by fine artist Christopher Boffoli)

Video: Monday just feels like the right day to watch a corgi get stuck trying to get out of a tent...

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