This is just one of 400 pictures customers have uploaded of themselves wearing this latex horse mask they bought on Amazon....

Lycra meets VHS: Hard Stars is a You Tube Channel with every celebrity who has ever cashed in on the workout video craze, including this one from Our Rachel.

Strange products: Metallica, what does the metal band have to do with real estate? Nothing. Ok then...try and squeeze the last dollars of revenue out of both these tired brands.

Kids: What every little girl wants - an adorable flatulent doll.
Picture this: Anne Geddes with adults...
Video:This is tense! Watch as a mother duck and her flock of baby ducklings cross four lanes of motorway traffic...Eeek! I can't look!!
Video: The Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube usually takes the mickey out of politicians, but their latest satire takes scenes from the Twilight movies and over-dubs what they actually look like they're saying. Hilarious.