Call it Mondayitis

"I was waiting for an important phone call and decided to take a shower," writes Sarah. "Naturally the phone rang once I was in the shower, fully soaped up. Desperate not to miss the call, I jumped out of the shower, ran through the bathroom and hit the cork tiles in the kitchen. Hit would be the correct word because once my soaped-up feet hit the varnished smooth tiles the rest of me hit the floor with an almighty thud. There I am lying on the floor covered in suds, scrabbling to get some purchase while the phone kept ringing. At that moment I heard a knock on the front door followed by 'meter reader' and the sound of the key in the lock. (We live in an old villa and the meter was inside in the hallway). Cue more frantic scrabbling ... too late ... A very helpful meter reader says I made his day. The phone, of course, stopped ringing as soon as I got within a foot of it, and as I'd neglected to turn off the shower, all the hot water was gone."

Fisherman's live catch

Matt Tucker was fishing in a Missouri lake when he noticed an old sock and pulled it out of the lake. Inside the sock? A Vietnam-era pineapple hand grenade with the safety pin still intact. "I felt the weight to it and felt the ridges of the pineapple and knew what it was," said Tucker. "I looked at it and found it wasn't a dud - it wasn't drilled out." According to a US Army bomb disposal expert it was live. "The pin was still in it and based on the x-rays we saw, I'm going to call it armed," he said. (Source:


Too much Middle Earth hype

A reader writes: "I find Tourism New Zealand's '100 per cent Middle Earth, 100 per cent Pure New Zealand' campaign 100 per cent Misleading, given the huge amount of computer-generated imagery in Lord of the Rings. I can imagine the disappointed tourists now. Where can I go to see the barren, fiery wasteland where the Mordor scenes were set? Sorry, that was computers. Well, what about those giant statues that flank the rivers in The Fellowship of the Ring? Sorry, they weren't real either. But J.R.R Tolkien did base his books in New Zealand, right? Actually, no. He lived in England. I don't think he ever set foot in New Zealand. How about a bungee jump?"