Dough portraits:

Now I know some readers can't grasp the idea of art and take everything literally - there were comments about the Japanese vacuum packed couples in last week's column ("what if the kiddies try vacuum packing their sister and die, it'll be all Sideswipe's fault")- so this time I will provide a WARNING: Please children do not put giant globs of bread dough on your head and face as it may cause suffocation.

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That's rich news: Australia's mining tycoon Gina Rinehart, the world's wealthiest woman, wrote about those who are "jealous" of the rich in a magazine column, and offered them some advice: "Spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing, and more time working." Oh, and stop complaining. It did not go down well.


Goodvertising: A very funny, not sexist beer ad, with a great chase scene, from Carlton Draught in Australia.
Good daddying: A German father wears skirt to support his cross-dressing five-year-old son.
Thou are a...Vent with the Shakespear insult kit
The eyes have it: Could this help your kids actually eat the fruit in their lunchbox?
Movies: Hitting the big screen next month, those foxy-morons from Fountain Lake are heading to Papaloma, Italy for a fairytale holiday...Watch the full cringey-and-hilarious trailer for Kath and Kimderella here.

Video: Better names for things... (via