Three of Wairarapa's November 14 babies will be celebrating their birthday in style this year - with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Eketahuna's Maureen TeWake and Masterton farmer Ross McLachlan were among 64 people selected from more than 1500 applications to attend a birthday party at Government House on November 14.

Those aged over 18 with birthdays on November 14 were eligible, and all 1500 will receive a birthday card from the Prince.

Mrs TeWake will take Helen Thomas, her friend of more than 25 years, who also entered the ballot on the promise they would take each other if one of them got the call-up.


"We doubled our odds," said Mrs Thomas, who was in Australia when Mrs TeWake broke the news they had made the cut.

"We were determined. I've always known since I was little I had the same birthday as Prince Charles."

The pair have celebrated their birthdays together for years, and have always acknowledged Prince Charles' birthday too, said Mrs TeWake.

"We always say happy birthday to Prince Charles too, he couldn't be here but he sends his love and his hoping to catch up with us some day," said Mrs TeWake.

Mrs TeWake has had a brush with royalty before.

When Queen Elizabeth II was on her 1953 tour, Mrs TeWake sneaked through security guards to touch the Queen's frock.

Mrs TeWake and Mrs Thomas are eagerly awaiting the letter outlining their dress code.

Masterton sheep and beef farmer Ross McLachlan said his outfit was "more my wife's department".

Mr McLachlan said he felt lucky to have been selected.

"I'm quite happy to enter into the spirit of the occasion."