"Don't be frightened to try new things," is the message that Mid Island Gymsports wants to send out to the public.

The club is throwing open its doors to the public tonight to let people have a go at any of the equipment and is encouraging kids, teenagers, and especially adults to get out of their comfort zone at its Family Fun Night.

"It will be really cool to see the parents participate in the activities. Kids love seeing their parents try to do a forward roll, and it's good for the kids to see that parents can't always do everything," said organiser Lynette Farkash. As well as having fun, "it's a chance for them to role model, trying to give it a go even if you fail".

All of the gym equipment is available for use, and help will be on-hand for people who need tips on technique. Whether you want to perfect your cartwheel or bounce metres into the air on one of the Olympic-size trampolines, there are many activities to try.


Balance beams, high bars, uneven bars, and the gymnastics floor are all available for use.

Parkour is another activity that is currently engaging youth throughout the world. It is a training regime that involves people getting from one place to another in the fastest way possible by running, jumping, climbing and swinging. What people love about it is that it can be done anywhere and at anytime.

"Not only is it good for fitness, it also promotes aerial awareness, knowing where you are in space and it is fun. Kids love it and teenagers in particular enjoy it. We have classes just for parkour where we get about 13 kids coming," said Mrs Farkash.

"Everyone has their favourite thing, and we are having a fun night to let them discover what it is."

Give it a go:

* What: Friday Family Fun Night

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* Where: Mid Island Gymsports

* When: Tonight 6.30pm-8pm

* Cost: Adults free, kids $5