Veyron's lacklustre fifth in the Captain Cook Stakes at Trentham on Saturday is described by trainer Linda Laing as "his worst career race".

What perplexes Laing more than anything is that she has no idea why the magnificently consistent topliner raced so far below his best.

And before you jump on the bandwagon, Laing completely dismisses the fact that Veyron sat three wide around the top bend as an excuse.

"To the 800m he was three wide with cover, which is a good spot for a horse like him.


"Then he was three wide without cover for 350m until the hometurn.

"He showed nothing in the home straight, which is just not him."

Regardless of where he is in running, Veyron will always produce a finishing sprint, but was lifeless when the pressure went on.

"When the winner Final Touch came alongside he didn't fight atall and that's just not him.

"He'll always knuckle down. The only thing Rogan [Norvall] and I could come up with is maybe the Tauranga run [last start] was tougher on him than we thought because it was a very hard run after he slipped at the start."

Laing said she would give Veyron a couple of days off, take some tests and see where the horse is midweek.

"If it was a virus he wouldn't be eating like he is and be as bright in the eye."