Rent-a-rabbit takes off in Sweden

Rent-a-rabbit? This from Sweden's The Renting an animal over the summer is becoming more popular in Sweden, with kids favouring rabbits while pensioners opt to foster hens. Farms which offer bunnies for rent are popping up like rabbits. "I've been doing this for 10 years, but in the beginning there were maybe only 10 families interested," says Kristina Karlsson from Gangvide Farm. "Now there are between 40 and 70 families each year who want to try it out. Interest is huge, particularly among families in the city and those who want to test for allergies."

Karlsson said it all started with a friend who asked to rent one of her rabbits. "Renting is great because people can try it out before they commit. Sometimes people plan on having a rabbit for three weeks or a month, and come back after just four days. Maybe the kids have lost interest."

Check fine print on food labels


"Now I'm a big reader of food labels," declares Gaby. "I am passionate about buying NZ-made, but I thought I would be safe with Cerebos Piccalilli bought from a local supermarket. Sadly I couldn't have been more wrong. The fine print says Made In Australia, yet the lid is emblazoned with 'Proudly New Zealand Made'. No wonder people have issues with the food labelling in this country."

PIC OF BOIL: Why they put 'warning: contains nuts' on packets of nuts. SIDESWIPE picture supplied
PIC OF BOIL: Why they put 'warning: contains nuts' on packets of nuts. SIDESWIPE picture supplied

Why they put 'warning: contains nuts' on packets of nuts.

Legless shooter lassoed

Things got rowdy at a rodeo in Bartow County, Georgia, over the weekend when guests asked a drunk man to leave. Instead, police say Celestino Moras, 25, stood up and started shooting, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution. One other unidentified person also started firing, and four people ended up with minor injuries. WSB-TV reports that when Moras finally ran out of bullets, a cowboy lassoed him. The crowd then held him until police arrived to charge him with aggravated assault. (Source:

Bursting Buble

Tweet of the day: Comedian Rob Brydon: "Where do you stand on Michael Buble?"

Steve Coogan: "His windpipe."

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