Strange but true ...

1. A pop-up event in London - Hot Tub Cinema - is a new take on the drive-in concept of the 1950s and involves sitting in inflatable hot tubs while watching a movie either with friends or strangers.

2. A Santa Monica spa is offering what it calls "The Male Laser Lift" - a 45-minute "tackle-tightening" procedure that will temporarily rejuvenate a saggy, wrinkled scrotum for between US$545-US$900 ($689-$1139).

Dream on, Stevie, dream on


Famous lyrics which are scientifically inaccurate ... Dreams by Fleetwood Mac declares "thunder only happens when it's raining" but science begs to differ. This according to "If you've ever lived in a tempestuous climate, you've no doubt experienced something called a dry thunderstorm. It happens when either no precipitation is produced in the storm or, much more commonly, the precipitation that does occur evaporates before it hits the ground, due to a very dry atmosphere. This type of precipitation is called virga ... You see, thunder occurs as a response to lightning, and lightning happens when the balance of electric charge in the atmosphere is disrupted, usually by particles of rain and ice. So there will almost always be rain involved at some point in the process, but if it's dry on the ground, you can hardly say it's raining, Stevie."

Public transport lets down rugby fan

Tony writes: "I thought I would do the right thing and use public transport to the All Blacks game on Saturday. Caught the bus to Britomart and then the train to Eden Park [all good]. Train back to Britomart and then started looking for a bus to take me back to Takapuna. After walking 2km and stopping at several bus stops I reached the onramp at Fanshaw St [30 minutes later]. Ended up getting a taxi [$26] home. So much for a public transport system - back to the car from now on."

Video: Whoa! Witness the terrifying birth of a supercell thunderstorm...

Best of meme: Recreating early family photos many years later...

Local: Tammy Davis (Munter from Outrageous Fortune) working at Mitre 10 Mega? Nah, it's a prank for Jono and Ben at Ten (NSFW language)

Picture this: Positive affirmations on tampons...

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