On Trade Me is a prototype of a ceiling mounted hand grip, designed for use in standing-room-only classrooms ... geddit? "With the ceiling mounted EDU-GRIP students will always be on their toes, always be ready for a new 'production line' standard of education and will always have their hands up," the ad reads. "Future development ... could include an interactive button for students to instantly rate their teachers."

Communication breakdown

Glynnis received a letter addressed to her mother from the departments of Inland Revenue and Social Development letting her mother know that as she was soon turning 65 she may be eligible for NZ Super. "What I am struggling with is why you are not aware that my mother passed away 12 years ago," Glynnis replied. "Could you kindly donate all my mum's NZ Super funds to the birth, deaths and marriages department to ensure records are kept up to date."

Just too ... flipping difficult


Swearing is the most difficult habit to break, according to a poll. More than a quarter (26 per cent) of the 600 people questioned said using too many expletives in conversations was their biggest vice. Drinking too much caffeine came second, with 18 per cent saying their daily cups of tea and coffee was the hardest thing to quit. Chewing fingernails came third, with 15 per cent, while 13 per cent said they could not give up television and 10 per cent said smoking was the habit they wished they could kick. (Source: The Press Association)

One rule for all

Dolly writes: "Annie thinks we are 'suffocating our efficiency' with rules (over the courier van parked on the footpath). The alternative to rules is anarchy, Annie, when people like this courier driver believe they are not subject to the same requirements as others."

Lost sunglasses

To the woman looking for her sunglasses outside the Takapuna Beach Cafe on Queen's Birthday ... "Our dog found them beside the rubbish bin two minutes after you came back," says our reader. "I tried to chase after you - got as far as Thorn's Beach. The glasses are at the cafe if you read this."