Dick would like to know if this is Auckland's answer to the Cardboard Cathedral?

No voodoo, more a boo-boo

Lorraine, who works for a real estate company, writes: "Scenario goes like this ... receptionist texts out to all our agents re looking at a new listing - "re viewing property at ... agents are to park at top of drive and walk down - as death cat at property. Visualising some sort of "voodoo" thingy going on at the house I decide not to go there. A second text arrives - "sorry re typo - deaf cat at property" - I heaved a sigh of relief and went off to view the home. Couldn't stop laughing ... !"

Out of the mouths of babes


Tim's sister recently recounted to him that his 2-year-old niece's favourite word of the moment is "big". Driving to a toddler gym, an inconsiderate driver cut them off. "Without thinking, my sister angrily said 'Dick!' Instantly a reply came from the back seat: 'Big dick!"'

Snap-happy considerate thief

A reader writes: "Thank you to the good samaritan and a considerate thief who went with his daughter to hand in my bag to security at Auckland City Hospital last Sunday morning. I left my bag on the couch outside the chapel. Unfortunately I got up and got into the lift before realising that I had left my bag behind. In the 30 seconds that it took me to get back to the couch, my bag had disappeared. The lovely security lady told me that a kind man had handed it in, but I opened the bag to find that someone had taken out my point-and-shoot camera, removed the memory card and left it in bag. I hope the thief was not the man who handed my bag in, because if they were, stealing a camera in front of their daughter is not exactly being a good role model. I suppose that if he felt the need to take my camera, it was very kind to leave behind my photos because I had borrowed the memory card off my sister. What is perhaps the most frustrating thing is that there was $30 in three $10 notes rolled up and very visible in top of bag, which they left, but took my camera. If whoever took my camera reads this, please look after it, it was my baby, my most favourite possession."