Samantha Brick was the talk of social media this week after her jaw-dropping column in the Daily Mail.

She sighed plaintively that everywhere she goes men give her flowers, airline pilots proffer champagne, strange men pay for her train tickets and bartenders line up to serve her drinks because she is so tall, slim, blonde and pretty.

Women, she complained, loathed her. Neighbours shunned her, no friend had ever asked her to be a bridesmaid and female bosses felt threatened by her.

She then wrote a follow-up article claiming the tweets and blogs that mercilessly mocked her proved her point. The writers of such cruel words were jealous because she was so beautiful and had dared to write about the fact.


Which would be fine if she was a smoking-hot beauty. Beautiful people are treated differently.

I have some gorgeous friends with matching personalities and they have the same thing happen to them. Flowers, meals paid for anonymously, upgrades - but they're nice people and women, as well as men, respond to them.

Samantha Brick, on the other hand, while perfectly pleasant looking, is average. Possibly frumpy. She may have a certain je ne sais quoi in the flesh but it's not obvious in the many photos she posted.

And while it's not such a bad thing that she thinks she's a babe, it is a surprise, given some of her previous columns about having adult acne and having her husband threaten to divorce her if she puts on any weight.

Where she went wrong was to blame the fact that she's friendless, continually looking for a new job and now openly mocked on the premise that people are jealous of her stunning beauty.

That goes beyond laughable to plain sad. She's either suffering from a psychological illness I have never encountered or she's the ultimate end product of celebrating and glorifying mediocrity.

Andy Warhol said everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Samantha Brick, your time is up.