The Commerce Commission is considering legal action against a company that has been selling bicycles that do not meet safety standards.

A commission investigation last month found that 34 Trans brand BMX and mountain bikes on sale by King Cargo did not meet the required safety standards.

Of particular concern was that the front brake levers were not situated on the correct side (the right-hand side) of the handlebars, and that the bicycles were supplied without an owner's manual.

The commission also believed that bicycles should have carried labels that stated they were not suitable for off-road use.

King Cargo director Stuart Connell promised to recall the bicycles, and to replace or repair any that did not comply with the safety standard.

Since then, the commission has received calls from frustrated customers who boughtbicycles from King Cargo but who say they have been unable to make contact with Mr Connell.

Mr Connell was selling the bicycles from a temporary shop set up in Masterton, and the commission understands a second shop was established in Levin.

Commission director of fair trading Deborah Battell said that the commission had not been able to contact Mr Connell.

It was compiling information from unhappy customers.