A man who climbed the fence to the dog pound told the court there was no sign on the gate telling him he couldn't.

Oliver Dekker appeared in Whanganui District Court on Tuesday pleading not guilty for a charge burglary under $500.

Police prosecutor Stephen Butler told the court Dekker had climbed over the back fence to the Wanganui Dog Pound.

Judge David Cameron told the court Dekker had chosen to represent himself in this case.


He asked the defendant if he was certain he didn't want to discuss his case with a public defendant.

To this Dekker told Judge Cameron there was nothing to discuss. He told the court that he had "no democracy" and there was no sign on the gate to the dog pound saying do not enter.

Mr Butler told the court, police were prepared to reduce the charge to unlawfully entering an enclosed yard to have the matter dealt with.

Dekker pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and Judge Cameron told Dekker he would have to come before the court if called upon in six months time.

"Which means you will be called back if you commit another charge," he said.