Key Points:

GNS scientists have confirmed a house severely damaged by the Kaikoura quake moved more than eight metres. In a YouTube video, scientist Will Ries confirms that not only has it moved sideways more than eight metres but the Kekerengu Fault has lifted the house up at the same time. "The fault has ruptured up and completely demolished this house that was directly on top of the fault. It has been moved over eight metres and also lifted up at the same time." The occupants of the house were shaken but otherwise uninjured. The fault extends for more than 30km in both directions and was one of many to have ruptured during the quake. The damage to the property's fence was a good guide for scientists in trying to work out the extent of what had happened, he said. "We can use things like fences to measure the displacement of a fault and that's really useful information for us to figure out what's happened," Ries said. Meanwhile, duty GNS seismologist Anna Kaiser confirmed today there have been at least 6000 aftershocks since November 14's monster 7.8km earthquake which was centred near Culverden on the east coast of the South Island.