Vicki Letele's family says only a rubber-stamping process stands between her and freedom.

The Parole Board is meeting at 10am today to discuss Letele's plight and consider her release on compassionate grounds after the Department of Corrections asked them to re-consider their position.

Letele has terminal cancer and is eight months into a prison sentence of more than three years for fraud.

Letele's uncle Ula Letele says the Parole Board's decision is largely based on the recommendation of Corrections, so he's confident it will be granted.


The only obstacle facing her release is getting the tick from the Parole Board.

Labour MP Kelvin Davis, who has been working with the family on their case, said the Parole Board are meeting at 10am today and the family was "hopeful of a positive answer" sometime soon afterwards.

Davis said he was pleased by the about-turn by Corrections who appeared to succumb to the public pressure about re-evaluating Letele's case.

"I think that the public campaign really highlighted Vicki's case and has made Correction's out to be in a poor light ... I believe that the parole board made its decision based on Corrections saying that they were able to look after themselves, and when that was proven not to be the case I think they realised, actually, everyone's looking bad all around."

He labelled Correction's health care facilities in prison as "a little more than a glorified sick bay".

Corrections chief executive Ray Smith says cancer is an awful thing and he feels saddened by Letele's circumstances.

He says he can understand that she and her children and wider family will want to be together to care for each other in the coming months.

He says the case will now be determined by the Parole Board.

Letele has been given just months to live.

Last night, Letele's brother, David, was ecstatic at the possibility of good news today, posting on Facebook "Hallelujah!! God is so good!".

"I received email with letter attached from the CEO of Corrections Ray Smith, recommending and endorsing the release of our girl #FreeVicki to the Parole Board. We are hopeful to hear a positive decision tomorrow [Thursday].

"Keep our prayers going and let's see God's hand at work come tomorrow.
Love you all!!"