The parents of a New Zealand man whose fiancée won the rights to have his testes removed after he died suddenly have revealed their heartache over the ordeal.

Tony Deane, 34, passed away unexpectedly in a Queensland hospital in April and his partner Leith Patteson, 42, said it would be 'the greatest honour' if she could still have his baby.

The couple got engaged a month after meeting online in September 2015, and were trying conceive after Mr Deane moved from New Zealand to Toowoomba to be with Ms Patteson.

This week Mr Deane's mother Gaye Dean revealed she had been devastated by the Supreme Court decision to remove her son's testes, saying she and her husband 'would have liked our boy brought home in one piece', the ABC reported.


Ms Patteson successfully applied to the Supreme Court to have his sperm removed just one day after his death, and the court acted quickly as the tissue becomes unusable after 24 hours, the Daily Mail reported.

However Mr Deane's mother said she is unsure her son would be happy with his fiancée's decision.

"I believe that Tony would not have wanted a child brought into this world if he could not be there to raise it," Mrs Deane said.

She has also said that the family would fight any action that would see her son's sperm be used to impregnate Ms Patteson.

Earlier this year Justice Martin Burns granted the request to remove the testicles but said another application must be made before the sperm was used.

He said this would give Ms Patteson the chance to think about whether she really wanted to go through with her pregnancy.