Hilarious footage has emerged of a police officer busting a move in a dance battle at a community event.

Constable Ross Humphrey from Taupo Police shows off his killer dance moves at the Pihanga Street Reserve community in a competition against a woman from the neighbourhood.

When the DJ plays the song, Tokyo Drift by the Teriyaki Boys, Constable Humphrey kicks off his routine with the doing a side step dance move from the movie 2006 movie Big Momma's House Two.

He then follows with The Bernie, a dance move inspired by the flailing arms of Bernie Lomax from another film, Weekend at Bernie's.


The police officer then does the hugely popular Gangnam Style dance, which gets the biggest reaction from the audience.

At this point the officer's competition, a woman in a purple shirt, shimmies her way into the centre of the dance floor and steals a bit of the attention away with her energetic moves.

However, Constable Humphrey wins the audience back wowing them with his take on the caterpillar, the robot and the running man.

He also entertains the audience showing them the sprinkler and the Q-tip.

Ironically, the police officer also does the burglar dance move, which mimics a robber climbing in through a window and closing it shut.

Nearing the end of their dance-off, the woman in the purple shirt backs out leaving the police officer to finish his routine doing the Gangnam Style again.

The funny video from 2013 was has been viewed more than 3,800 times on social media.