A Napier business owner could do nothing but watch, as a car left the road and plunged into a building earlier this evening.

Emergency services were called to the scene of the crash in Pandora about 6.30pm.

A St Johns Ambulance representative said one person in a critical condition had been taken to Hawke's Bay Hospital.

Murray from Hawke's Bay Caravans said he had been in his workshop on Pandora Rd when he heard the sound of tyres, "and then a bit of a thump".


"I thought 'that sounds like something's wrong'," he said. He then went outside, and walked down the road to see what had happened.

"I saw the tail-lights of the car disappear off Pandora Rd and go with a thump into the wool store. I called 111, because it had hit [the building] pretty hard."

Walking down to the scene, Murray said he saw wheel marks crossing the median strip in the direction the car had gone.

A car had stopped at the same time as the crash occurred, he said. A police spokeswoman said a second car may have been involved, but it was not confirmed at this stage.

The serious crash unit has been notified.

There may be traffic delays.

More soon.