Police have yet to decide if they will charge a man who allegedly shot his neighbour's cat on Thursday evening.

Wanaka sub-area commander Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell told the Otago Daily Times late yesterday the matter was being treated seriously, with the possibility of a charge being laid under the Animal Welfare Act.

The cat, a 3-and-a-half-year-old chocolate point Siamese called Coco, belongs to Michele and Craig Capstick, who operate the Alpine View Lodge, in Studholme Rd South.

Mrs Capstick said Coco had been out of the house for about 15 minutes the night he was shot and returned home with his leg ``just dangling''.


"It was horrendous, absolutely horrendous to see him like that.''

There was a chance Coco could lose the leg, she said.

"There's still a decision to be made as to whether they can save it or not.''

After the shooting, Mr Capstick rang neighbours to ask about anyone shooting on their properties, and Mrs Capstick said one neighbour admitted he had "shot a cat''.

"So it was deliberate. It's unbelievable he could do that.

"I know farmers shoot feral cats but anybody can see he [Coco] was a pet. You only have to look at him. He's gorgeous. He's not a wild cat.''

Mrs Capstick said Coco did not have a collar but the neighbour knew they had a Siamese cat.

She hoped police would "throw the book'' at him.

In April, the ODT reported a chocolate Burmese cat called Milo was shot in the Beacon Point Rd area. He recovered from his injuries, and an offender was not located.