Two men have been arrested after being caught with 65 stolen beehives, prompting a call for public vigilance.

Whanganui police said the beehives had been taken from a property in Kai Iwi.

Two Whanganui men, aged in their late 20s, were arrested on Monday after police received information from the owners of the hives. The hives were later recovered from a Turakina property.

Police said reported beehive thefts in the Central Districts had been increasing, and it was a timely reminder for people to report any suspicious behaviour involving hives.


Thieves were likely to strike at night, when bees had returned to their hives and the chance of getting caught was lower. Beekeepers, on the other hand, tended to shift hives just before dawn and after dusk.

Detective Karl Reyland urged members of the public to be vigilant and report suspicious vehicles carrying beehives.

"If you are unable to phone police at the time, take a note of the type of vehicle, registration number, location and direction of travel. If possible note the description of the beehives including colour and numbers and then call police when you can."