A south Auckland shopkeeper is furious after being burgled twice in a week by thieves after cigarettes.

The Supa Supermarket in Bairds Road, Otara, was hit in the early hours of last Monday and again this morning.

Co-owner Shelly Khan said the business is well secured with roller doors, closed-circuit cameras and monitoring by Vigilante Security. Despite the precautions, the burglars have not been discouraged.

"They forced the roller door up and folded it back," Ms Khan said. "My husband and I were there within the first 10 minutes, but they were gone.


"We are going to think about how to make our security system better, perhaps put some more cameras at the back."

Ms Khan said it is the third time the supermarket has been burgled in five years.

Director of Vigilante Security, Yash Paul said there was another recent burglary at Shop 'n Save in Otara.