A teenager has described locking herself in a room at a drunken party then texting a friend: "There's a scary guy trying to rape us out here,'' a court has heard.

"I was trying to get drunk'' but didn't ask him to "f**k me'' up to 25 times, says an alleged victim of a Hawke's Bay police officer accused of indecent assault.

Adam Dunnett, 37, a Flaxmere police officer, went on trial yesterday in the Napier District Court and denies the 10 counts of indecent assault on five teenage woman.

Today's second witness took the stand this afternoon and said she arrived at an October 2011 party late in the afternoon and began "drinking and dancing'' with friends.


"I drunk my [wine] bottle pretty fast, and did shots. [My friend] told me to put my wine away in the cupboard, fridge or freezer because I was drinking too fast. Later I sculled the last bit of wine back, I was trying to get drunk.''

She said parts of the night were "hazy'' in her memory and parts of the night she couldn't remember at all.

Later in the evening the teenager said she was having sex in a downstairs bedroom with another boy, when she noticed Dunnett in the room.

"I said, 'What are you doing here?' But I was pretty drunk so it didn't really faze me.''

The witness then remembered being outside and naked, covered only by a sleeping bag, before she began talking to Dunnett later in the club house.

"I remember him kissing me, I don't remember how it happened ... He picked me up, carried me downstairs to the bedroom, shut the door and I assume he was trying to touch my vagina but touched my bum. By this time I was wearing my dress again, I'm not sure how, but he touched me over the top of the dress.''

She had "no idea what happened'' next and only remembers her friend, today's first witness, taking her upstairs.

After locking herself upstairs and placing a bar stool against the door she remembered "laughing and taking photos'' because "it was so funny''.

"I remember texting [my friend] and saying, `There's a scary guy trying to rape us out here'.''

When she woke the next morning her best friend said Dunnett had been touching her during the night.

During cross-examination by Dunnett's lawyer, Jonathan Krebs, the witness said she had "no intention of leading Adam on''.

"I think he would have just taken advantage of the fact I would have not been quite sound enough to put my foot down.''

She denied lifting her dress and asking Dunnett to have sex with him multiple times, as Mr Krebs suggested.

"I only had a bottle of wine, not a bottle of vodka. I don't think I would have done something so gross.

"I've been drunk around many boyfriends and guys and that's not something I would have [done] ... Even when I'm blind drunk I'm not like that.''