Beware - Sunday is the most dangerous day in New Zealand, according to ACC figures.

More people hurt themselves on April 13 last year than any other day.

More than 8000 claims relating to injuries on that date were lodged last year - more than three times as many as the day with the lowest number of claims, Christmas Day.

Most incident on April 13 were the result of falls.


ACC spokesman David Simpson said there was no easily identifiable reason why April 13 proved so hazardous last year.

"As these statistics show, daily claims volumes can fluctuate quite markedly," he said.

"Unless there's a major injury event, such as the February earthquake in Canterbury in 2011, it's impossible to attribute a spike in claims to a single cause."

About 12,000 claims were received for injuries on February 22, 2011 - more than 6000 related to the earthquake.

ACC receives about 4600 claims a day on average, about 1.7 million a year.

However, even though the most 'injurious' days last year were in April, May and June, March was the most hazardous overall with a total of 166,349 claims.

Kiwis wanting to protect themselves at home this Sunday should beware of common hazards, Mr Simpson said.

"It's a Sunday, so a lot of us will be at home or taking part in sport or recreational activities."

Simple ways to do this included mopping up spills as soon as they happened, fastening mats to the floor, and replacing blown lightbulbs fast to avoid fumbling in the dark.

Clearing away toys and running electrical cords against the wall were other good lines of defence.

For those heading out, wearing high visibility gear for running or cycling was a good idea - especially in poor light.
The five most 'injurious' days in 2013:

* April 13 - 8067 claims

* April 6 - 8024 claims

* May 11 - 7988 claims

* May 18 - 7757 claims

* June 8 - 7732 claims.