Auckland Airport's new combined international and domestic terminal will include an underground public transport station and cycle-friendly walkway link to hotels and parking buildings.

A statement from Auckland Airport chief executive Adrian Littlewood, released today, revealed details of the new combined terminal.

"We intend building the first phase of the combined domestic and international terminal within five years, and it will be developed around the existing international terminal," Mr Littlewood said.

"It will include facilities for domestic travel at the southern end of the building and international travel at the northern end, and will enable more convenient passenger transfers for both international and domestic passengers."


Passenger numbers at the airport were estimated to triple to 40 million by 2044.

"The combined terminal will have three major piers where aircraft will dock. There will be 94 spaces for aircraft to park, a significant increase on the 56 spaces currently available at the two separate terminals," Mr Littlewood said.

A new terminal plaza and forecourt would be built next to the "crescent-shaped" space in front of the terminal building, he said.

"It will include an underground station for rapid public transport to the airport, and provide a landscaped area for retail outlets and activities such as public art programmes, temporary displays and events.

"A new air traffic control tower will be located in the centre of the plaza and a pedestrian and cycle-friendly walkway will link the terminal to hotels, parking buildings and the many businesses and recreational activities located around the airport," Mr Littlewood said.