A high-profile Rotorua lawyer has been fined $300 for failing to stop for a compulsory police breath test.

Harry Stewart Edward's case was set down in the Tokoroa District Court yesterday when Edward pleaded guilty by letter. He did not appear in court.

According to the police summary of facts, Edward, 62, was driving down Arawa St around 5pm on Friday, March 22. Police had set up a checkpoint and compulsory breath tests.

Edward's car was seen by police and an officer directed him to pull over.


"The defendant did not slow down and moved further towards the centre of the road," the police summary of facts reads.

"The police officer moved further onto the road and again waved the defendant to pull over. The defendant failed to stop for police direction and continued past."

Police searched for the defendant but could not find him.

When spoken to by police, Edward said he "thought he was being waved on". He was charged with failing to stop when required. The maximum fine is $10,000.

Edward was sentenced by two JPs, Bruce Nairn and Rodney Nicholas. He was fined $300 and ordered to pay court costs.

When spoken to by the Rotorua Daily Post, Edward said it was "a misunderstanding".