Climate change sceptic rejects criticism as 'hate speech'

British Climate Change denier Christopher Monckton talking about global warming in 2009. Photo / supplied
British Climate Change denier Christopher Monckton talking about global warming in 2009. Photo / supplied

Lord Christopher Monckton has rejected criticism of his views about climate change as his public speaking tour of New Zealand continues.

Before the tour, which started in Northland on Monday, Lord Monckton said it was "repellent'' that "shameless global-warming profiteers'' in government, the universities and some media were exploiting the misery and hardship of New Zealand farmers by fraudulently blaming the severe drought on "non-existent global warming''.

The Briton's views were criticised by some New Zealand scientists in an APNZ report last week - but Lord Monckton said it was "hate speech'' to describe him as a climate change "denier''.

"I do not deny we can change the climate: I question how much we do,'' he wrote in response.

Lord Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, said the statement that "New Zealand's top climate change scientists'' had rallied to "slam'' him was inaccurate. He said a reporter had invited them to comment and not approached him for a response.

He also said a statement that he believes "New Zealanders ... shouldn't be worried about rising temperatures or sea levels'' inaccurately implies they are rising worryingly.

"Yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) climate-science head says warming has paused for 17 years. Sea level has risen for eight years at just 3.2 cm/century.

"The statement that I oppose emissions trading because it is `too expensive' is inaccurate. I oppose it because it is cost-ineffective.''

He said statements that he has "no training'' and "no scientific training'' and has "studiously avoided learning anything about science'' were inaccurate.

"I studied mathematics during my Cambridge degree course, have published several scientific and economic papers on climate change in learned journals, have lectured on climate at faculty level, and was last year's Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario.

"The unevidenced statements that I say things scientists 'know are not true' and `pick data and statistics to suit [my] argument' are inaccurate.

"The statement that I once argued for the quarantine of AIDS patients `in internment camp-like facilities' is inaccurate.

I argued that, though quarantine (with no mention of internment camps) is the standard public-health response to a new, incurable and fatal infection, Western sensibilities would make it impossible. Tens of millions would die. Sadly, they did.''

Lord Monckton also said a statement that the "world's leading scientists'' predict the world will "heat up by 3 per cent this century'' is inaccurate.

"They predict 3C warming, up 1 per cent. Their predictions in all four IPCC assessment reports have proven exaggerated.

"The implication that I deny any increase in greenhouse gases is inaccurate. I do not deny it: I question whether it matters.''

He also said the statement that he "promotes'' himself as an "expert reviewer'' for the IPCC's forthcoming fifth assessment report, implying he is not one, is inaccurate.

"I satisfied the IPCC that my publication record justified my appointment.''

Lord Monckton's Climate of Freedom Tour contines in Auckland tonight, tomorrow and Saturday before continuing through both islands, ending in Invercargill on April 26.


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