A gang associate could lose his nine motorbikes worth up to $50,000 each after police raided a methamphetamine lab in west Auckland.

Scott James Corless, an associate of the Head Hunters, appeared at the High Court at Auckland today.

His lawyer Sam Wimsett said Corless disputed some of the police case.

Corless has been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession for supply, receiving stolen property and unlawful possession of a pistol and three other firearms.


A disputed facts hearing has been set down for June next year.

The Crown are applying to keep some of the property found at a Titirangi address in May 2010.

Police have seized a Harley Davidson and American Chopper bikes.

Armed police raided the Otitori Bay Rd house Corless was living in and allegedly discovered a P-lab on the property, as well as a collection of cars and motorbikes including seven Choppers and a Mustang.

Corless owns motorcycle importing business Custom & Performance Specialties that deals in "outrageously expensive" one-off motorcycles including American Choppers and Harleys - some of which were seized by police.

One of the bikes was listed on Corless' website valued at $35,995 and another at $51,995.

Police also seized several more Choppers and a jetski from one of Corless' west Auckland properties in August 2010.

In 2007 Corless was one of seven people who walked free after facing methamphetamine charges in a case that dragged on for five years.

Justice Raynor Asher granted a stay of proceedings for the seven on the basis that delays in getting the case to completion had taken too long.