Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include the armed robbery of an AC/DC compact disc, the 7 days team are due to hit Tauranga and seven year old kids playing chicken with cars travelling at high speed.

Peter Tapine and Jackson Huata of Masterton allegedly robbed a couple of an AC/DC CD while armed with a sword and a machete.

Without the restrictions of television cameras and censors, the 7 Days team are apparently in their element during their live show.

A horrified mum watched as seven-year-old children played a game of chicken that involved dashing in front of high-speed traffic.


A Dalek has been spotted wandering the streets of Dunedin.

A Papamoa toddler has learned a hard lesson about where not to stick his fingers.

Liquefaction apparently caused far more damage than ground movement in the Christchurch earthquakes.

Young men were apparently driving around Masterton on Saturday biffing lit fireworks from their car.

The owners of 1107 properties in Kaipara are refusing to pay their rates.

In Hawke's Bay they are still quaffing wine and food, this time with the help of Masterchefs and other luminaries. But Paul Holmes is stuck in Hawke's Bay hospital.

Meanwhile other parts of Hawke's Bay are like the Wild West. But rustlers who killed and stole two goats from the side of a Ngongotaha road might be very sick soon.

Things are looking a bit messy at the Hawke's Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Over in China, Friends of Marineland supporters have apparently been left in the dark.

Judy and Andrew Hawke hope their lucky streak will extend to tomorrow's Melbourne Cup.

Scientist Gavin Kenny gives lectures about how to cope with climate change.

As members of the Tribesmen Motorcycle Club rode north to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the cops suddenly swooped.

It was a leisurely sunny Sunday afternoon in Te Teko when suddenly lots of armed police swarmed on the area. Apparently gang members were shooting at each other.

Meanwhile strangers were meeting up in Kuirau Park.

The SPCA has released its "List of Shame".

The Tauranga motorcyclist who died in a crash while travelling home from a day's ride has been named.

Suffering from a heart condition, the school camp was to be the highlight of Thomas Bohanna's year.

Staff at one of Tauranga's biggest retirement villages say they were given less than a week to reapply for their jobs, with lower payrates and cutbacks.

For 11-year-old Mollie Clarke, it is not easy to forget the sight of her pet lamb Joey barely alive and covered in blood. Meanwhile here's a video of pet day at Tiniroto School.

In 1912, three men set out in a Model T Ford car to travel from Wellington to Auckland by a "non-existent" central King Country route.

A combined effort to protect the nesting site of a pair of Wairarapa's rarest birds is being launched at Riversdale Beach.

Earthquakes, changing buyer and reading habits appear to have had a big impact on The Press. Meanwhile more than 50 per cent of pedestrian bridges in Christchurch will need to be repaired.

Police have named a 27-year-old unemployed Dunedin man whose death has been linked to "huffing".

St Hilda's principal Melissa Bell was not available for comment this morning to discuss what Prime Minister John Key may or may not have said about David Beckham.

Meanwhile angry opponents of the proposed sewerage plant under way in Greymouth are demanding to be compensated if it stinks.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon were: #20SongsThatILike, #TWTwitterParty, #kalenzgt, #NZGT, Melbourne Cup, Kim Dotcom, John Key. New Zealand and Christmas.

-Herald online